Heart Ibiza reinvent itself for summer 2020!

Heart Ibiza reinvent itself for summer 2020 and it’s ready to start- when it will be permitted – the activities in Ibiza.

The announcement was given today by a press note by Jose Corraliza, general manager & creative director of Heart Ibiza.

At the moment the situation is absolutely uncertain, also because of in Ibiza there is a small number of flights and the scenario is evolving.

But Heart Ibiza is ready to accept the challenge!

We know that our model -and with the current uncertainty-, is not economically viable, at least as we know it, but we are reinventing ourselves and visualizing new ways of moving in this new reality and, of course, starting with all those who are on the island (locals). We trust in our creativity and our imagination when faced with the challenges and once we see the development of the health situation and the legal parameters, we will analyze the viability of being able to open it in some way. ”Corraliza clarifies before the different headlines that have been published after the statements. from Ferran Adrià at the Gastronomika Live last Tuesday, where he indicated that without tourism it is difficult to reopen Heart or any other business.

Anyway we have at least a first good news: Heart Ibiza, although it is now difficult to make predictions,   is ready to play a role, probably new, in Ibiza 2020.

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